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You have been suggested to take a look at something on Quadratec by one of our members on another forum. Hopefully you found the person's contribution to your question useful, and we'd like to give you the opportunity to say thanks. If you decide that you want to buy something from Quadratec, then you can support us by using the following click-through to the Quadratec website:


Update: We'd like to let you know how the revenues generated from your usage of this referral are being used, and of course take the time to say a massive THANK YOU to those who have supported us so far. The following write-ups were funded in part by this referral programme:
  • Auto-Dimming / Compass / Temperature Sensing Rear View
  • Dome Light Defeat Switch
  • Bestop Safari Top - article coming soon!
  • Bestop WindJammer - article coming soon!
  • Bestop Duster Cover - article coming soon!
  • Bestop No-Drill header channel - article coming soon!
  • MileMarker 9000 lb Electric Winch - article coming soon!
  • PIAA 1100x Driving lights - article coming soon!
  • PIAA 1400 Fog Lights - article coming soon!
  • PIAA 510 Fog Lights - article coming soon!
  • More to come...
If you have found the above useful and want to continue to see this site grow, with more write ups to help you in the future, then please make use of this referral link.

By using the above link, the Quadratec website recognises that you came from Oman4x4.com first, and when you decide to buy something we are rewarded 5% of the sale price. This doesn't change the final sale price to you at all, we are rewarded 5% of the money Quadratec would otherwise collect, so there is no extra charge for you supporting us. Your privacy is completely protected, it will not tell us what you bought, what your name is or what your contact or billing details are. Unfortunately this means we cannot personally thank you for your support but rest assured it is greatly appreciated!

Of course you are not forced to do this, you could always manually enter the Website address and we will not be rewarded anything, but we would really appreciate it if you did support us!

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