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January Update:
2007 Jeep Wrangler
2007 Jeep Wrangler press release
   9th January 2006
Some vehicles create such a following and loyalty that as the manufacturer, you have to be VERY careful when redesigning them. The Jeep Wrangler is one of these vehicles. Thankfully, it looks like Jeep won't be upsetting many people on this one! Jeep has listened to the many people calling for the solid front axle to remain, and with it we've been given on and off road improvements. The '07 Wrangler gets electric windows and electric swaybar disconnects for better off road travel. The tires get even bigger, and at the same time the new Jeep is longer and wider. First impressions look good, we can't wait to drive it!
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July Update:
CJ / YJ / TJ HoodLift - Gas Strut kit
CJ / YJ / TJ Gas Strut Hood Lift
   10th July 2005

This Hood Lift kit from Quadratec makes light work out of opening the Jeep's hood. The factory hood support prop sits right above the radiator and along with the leading edge of the hood, gets extremely hot. Opening it is, in a word, painful as you have to hold those extremely hot parts until the prop is in place. If you have a lifted Jeep you'll also know it's not easy to get the hood high enough to get the prop in place. With the gas struts in place, you just lift it a few inches and the struts take over, smoothly lifting the hood. No more burnt hands when you need that hood open! Write up and pictures by Laurie.

March Update:
Road Armor Jeep Wrangler Summit conversion
Road Armor Summit: Jeep Wrangler Pick-up Truck

This new conversion prototype released by RoadArmor stretches the chassis of the Jeep to a 118" wheelbase, and makes it a 2 door light pickup truck. The bed is a full 6ft length with a 4ft wide tailgate. To accomodate the width of the tailgate, the tail lamps are replaced by vertically stacked LED's. Inside the bed are two recessed pockets for a Hi-Lift jack and a shovel. The truck is due for release soon in kit form at around $7-8,000 US, and expect a significant discount for the initial run! More information coming soon, for now check out the pictures! As you can see, the wide tailgate accomodates large items such as the Honda quadbike, making it significantly more practical than the stock TJ.

January Update:
Road Armor Jeep Wrangler Matrix Bumper
Road Armor Matrix Winch Bumper

This new bumper was featured at the SEMA show on Skyjacker's demo Unlimited. I just had to have it and arranged for one of the early prototypes to be sent to Oman. The bumper features a mounting point for a winch, 2 very solid recovery points, recessed spot-light mounting that does not obstruct air flow to the radiator, and built in protection for the steering box. With all the openings and vents cut into it, it's surprisingly light for it's size. 95 lbs means it's not the lightest, but the protection is worth it.
Check out the pictures for now or visit RoadArmor's website for more information on the bumper.

Bestop Safari Bikini top
Bestop Safari Bikini top

The Bestop Safari Bikini top combined with the windjammer and duster cover makes a great light-duty protection from the elements. It is not completely sealed, but it will keep the sun off your back and keep some of the cold air in. For Jeeps that don't have the original factory soft top, and don't often use the back seats, this is a great option! Check back soon for more information on exactly what parts you need, but for now enjoy the pictures!

September Update:
Video Clips Uploaded

We're in the process of uploading some video clips, although this is taking time on a dial up connection. For those who can't wait, we've opened access to the directory folder for you to click the file names to watch the videos. Pictures of the same trip can be found in the Image Gallery. Thanks to Mikhail Tanakov for the video clips!

Bestop Safari Bikini top
Auto-Dimming Mirror with Compass and Temperature

This rear view mirror kit from Quadratec lets you have the safety and convenience of most modern luxury vehicles in your Jeep! If you're fed up of the glare from the headlights of people behind you, this is the mirror for you! This mirror will automatically adjust and eliminate the glare! Unlike a normal mirror which allows you to flip a lever and kill the glare, and everything else, this kit "fades" down to the appropriate level. It's so subtle you barely notice it, and that's a good thing. It also features a Compass and Temperature read-out in the upper right corner of the mirror.

July Update:
American Expedition Vehicles Heat Reduction Hood
AEV Heat Reduction Hood

This brand new Hood released by American Expedition Vehicles in the USA is constructed from steel just like the OEM Factory hood, but it includes a mesh vent immediately behind the radiator. This mesh vent is placed in a low pressure zone which makes use of a natural pressure difference while moving to extract the hot air from the engine bay. This reduces the ambient temperature in the engine bay and also draws more air in through the radiator, making the cooling system more efficient. You can actually feel the hot air pumping out when at stopped with the engine running! Write up and pictures by Laurie.

Quadratec Dome Light Switch Kit
Quadratec Dome Light Bypass Switch Kit

If you remove your doors your dome light will stay on constantly. Not only is this distracting it will flatten your battery. One solution is to pull out fuse 4 and replace it later. However pulling out your glove box and locating some pliers to pull the fuse each time is not fun. This simple kit from Quadratec allows you to put a switch next to the passenger door strap, making removing the doors a much easier process! It also allows you to stop the constant "beeping" if you need the ignition on and the door open by just flicking the switch, which is in reach from the drivers seat. Write up and pictures by Laurie.

So what are you going to find here? Oman4x4.com hopes to encourage enjoyment of Oman's fantastic terrain and interest in all adventure sports. You will be able to sign up to the Forums and meet new people to go on the trails with, and Image gallery that allows you to upload and share your own photographs! The site is highly interactive and will be as good as you want to make it!

We also hope to promote interest in vehicle customisations and learning more about what you've got and how to make it better. The official vehicle of the site is of course our own modified 2001 Jeep Wrangler Sport. We welcome all vehicles and their owners to participate!

We also hope that viewers from outside Oman will be able to enjoy seeing what we get up to in Oman and the Middle East through this website, and be able to learn more about some of the featured products and accessories!

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